Alibaba makes strides in IPR protection

Thanks to intensified efforts to protect intellectual property rights, the number of shopping links suspected of IPR infringement being deleted on various Alibaba platforms after public tip-offs fell 33 percent last year compared with  2019, China’s e-commerce giant Alibaba said on Friday.

And 98 percent of reports related to suspicious IPR infringements were handled within 24 hours, the enterprise said in its annual report on IPR protection. 

Last year, Alibaba worked with more than 400 local law enforcement agencies across the country to crack offline dens that produced or sold counterfeit products. The enterprise also took the initiative in filing civil litigations against those who sold fake epidemic prevention materials online during the COVID-19 outbreak, and assisted the police in handling more than 1,700 cases, resulting in the capture of about 700 suspects, it said.

With “zero tolerance” in fighting IPR violators, the company also applied some new technologies, including artificial intelligence and blockchain, in IPR protection, aiming to innovate its protective system and provide new solutions to deal with IPR infringements.

Zheng Junfang, chief platform governance officer of Alibaba, said they will continue their efforts in technology innovation, making more contributions to the country’s IPR infrastructure construction and protection.

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